Spam Control

Our new anti-spam technology on emails will drastically reduce the amount of unsolicited email to your Inbox by diverting suspected spam messages to a spam folder on our server. You may adjust the strength of this filter or turn it off entirely.

For most of you, no further action is needed. Our Spam Control will work behind the scenes deleting unsolicited junk email. However, you may access your spam filter and adjust the strength of the filter and other settings through our new webmail system.

SpamShield Pro is a user configurable suite of tools to reduce junk email.

To customize SpamShield Pro's settings:

  • Login to your Web Mail account.

  • Choose Options.

  • Then click SpamShield Pro.

There you will be able Enable SpamShield Pro or turn all of SpamShield Pro's options on or off.

Classify a message as spam based on a SpamShield Score that you choose. A high SpamShield Score indicates that a message is more likely to be spam.

Move spam to INBOX
Automatically file spam into a folder of your choice.

Tip: If you use Web Mail or IMAP, you can have SpamShield Pro automatically move spam to the Spam folder. If you use POP, it is recommended that you leave spam in your INBOX and enable the Insert SpamShield Score feature described below.

Hide images
In Web Mail, this option blocks image tags from messages in the Spam folder to block image-based web bugs and graphics that may be offensive.

Insert SpamShield Score into messages as header
This option gives advanced email users the ability to create an email rule in their favorite email program that recognizes the SpamShield Score so it can perform additional actions on the junk email.

Approved Senders
SpamShield Pro will not affect messages received from email addresses on this list.

Blocked Senders
SpamShield Pro can reject all messages sent from email addresses on this list.

Block returned ("bounced") messages for email that you did not send
SpamShield Pro includes BounceShield which can reject bogus bounces caused by spammers and trojan horses.

Block all senders that are not Approved Senders
SpamShield Pro can reject all messages sent from email addresses that are not on the Approved Senders list, sometimes referred to as a greenlist.

Tip: Be sure to choose the Save button at the bottom of the SpamShield Pro Options page if you want to save your adjustments.